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  • Packaging invoiced at cost.
  • The goods are delivered ex works. Merchandise shipped at buyer’s risk.
  • Complaints are valid only in writing and must be sent within eight days from receipt of the goods.
  • Delivery terms are intended in working days and suspended in case of force majeure,including possible stops due to machine broken down.
  • The purchaser is not allowed to postpone the agreed payment terms, due to a delivery delay.
  • Payments to our Company will be valid only if directly addressed to our head office in Milan.
  • Once the term of payment has expired, the interest on arrears immediately accrue by full right without notice. The interest on arrears are calculated on the amount due, in the annual measure equivalent to the current official discount rate during arrear period, increased of five points, unless possible further damages.
  • Should the invoices be paid with a partial delay, the discount, if agreed, will decline; a draft will be issued for the amount due; the current agreements will be rescinded.
  • The credits deriving from the cession of the goods (or from the given services), of the agreement herein, can be transferred to third parties, with effect towards the debtor of the notice of the cession itself, whatever effected.
  • The orders of special items can be carried out with a deviation of +/- 10%
  • Sketches, drawings, models, carried out by the supplier, are covered by royalties and can not be transferred to third parties.
  • Should the customer refuse to return the sketches, drawings, models to the company when required, the company will ask the customer their refund.
  • Models and special dies remain property of the supplier and can never be required by the customer, even if the customer paid the corresponding amount. The supplier will not use such dies for other customers, unless explicit authorization of the customer or in case of nonfulfilment.
  • Any legal dispute falls within the Jurisdiction of the Milan Courts.  
  • All conditions hereinbefore are considered accepted upon order confirmation.





C.A = with ringlet


S.A =

without ringlet

  ALL. =

natural aluminium

C/B =

with edge

  ALN. =

darkened aluminium

•BS =

with • diamond cut edge

  ALS. =

passivated aluminium

•BT =

with • turned edge

  ARG. =


•CL =

with • colour

  ARS. =

silver anodized aluminium

•CO =

with • gold colour

  ASS. =

assorted colours anodized aluminium

•CP =

with • clean colour

  BRO. =


•CS =

with • serigraphied colour

  CRO. =

chromium plated

•FP =

with • plastic coated photo

  DOC. =


•ID =

with • self-adhesive

  DOR. =

gold plated

•IM =

with • effigy

  GRE. =


•IP =

with • plastic coated effigy

  NER. = nickel plated black
•IT =

with • self-adhesive + SMT

  NIK. =

nickel plated

•LL =

with • lapped edge

  ORO. =

gold oxidized aluminium
LT =

with • bright edge

  OTT. =


•PA =

with • plate with aureole

  RAM. =

copper plated

•PL =

with • little plate

  TRO. =


•SC =

with •fired enamel

  ZIN. =

zinc plated

•SM =

with • enamel

•SS =

with • strass

•ST =

with • statuette

•VA =

with • vary view


with micro-lacquer


with relic


cut out


with transparent enamel


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J.A.T. template series was designed 2006 by 4bp.de: www.4bp.de, www.oltrogge.ws