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The Maggi Coniature Company was founded by Ettore Maggi in 1927. Ettore was a well known craftsman in artistry and engraving, who used these skills to establish the company in the manufacture of Religious and Advertising Medals. Image

Around the period 1940, manufacturing techniques allowed the production of high volume, high quality products which enabled the company to expand and export to international markets.

With the experience gained over many years of trading with these markets, Maggi Coniature was ideally placed to support the boom in the Automatic Vending and Amusement markets in the 1960's.


New techniques were introduced and a range of patented products developed to cater for the new business areas.  

New products are continuously being developed by the company, and in addition to the coin handling, other machines are produced including Change-machines and Dispensers.  

Maggi Coniature's success and position in the Italian market has been recognized by the European Companies.This has resulted in Maggi Coniature representing Money Controls (Coin Controls - Ardac)  and Starpoint.

To support the increase in business in the world wide market, Maggi Coniature established a company first in England, Maggi & Maggi UK Limited. 

After more than 75 years success, MAGGI CONTROLS GROUP continues to expand projects for the changing markets and look forward to the opportunities in the new Millenium.


J.A.T. template series was designed 2006 by 4bp.de: www.4bp.de, www.oltrogge.ws